Cyclop Ladon Pool Ball set

Cyclop ZEUS pool ball set. Best pool balls on the market. Cyclop balls are in many pro tournaments world wide and highly sought after by any player that wants the best. The Cyclop balls are constructed of highly configured Phenolic resin allowing for durability while keeping their shine and color longer than the standard pool balls.

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Billiard balls - Cyclop Ladon Pool Ball set

Cyclop Ladon Pool Ball set

Cyclops Ladon Pool Ball Set sets the standard in high grade phenolic resin billiard balls. The Cyclops Ladon set are created with 85% pure phenolic resin for a long lasting and stable life. The manufacturing process is controlled with extraordinarily tight tolerances along with the highest level of quality available. The Balls each weight 169.5 grams +/- 0.5 grams. Included in the Landon Ball Set is two matching cue balls. The single Red Dot matching cue balls can be used when lagging for break with an opponent. Another innovative feature included with the Ladon billiard ball set is 3 additional object balls with oversized numbers and the Ladon Set logo. These Black, Yellow and Blue Money Balls can be used for the final ball in games of 8, 9 and 10 ball.

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