Kamui Glove blue left hand Size L


Kamui Billiard Glove blue Size L

Kamui pool cue gloves. Get increased shot control with the friction - free billiards glove that Encourages a smooth, steady stoke when the heat of the game is on. Gloves fit one sizes smaller then described. Fits Left Hand.

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Kamui Glove blue left hand Size L

Kamui Billiard Glove blue

Quick-drying: Made of quick-drying material, so your bumps slide smoothly, they can shoot accurately and the speed is not affected by wet hands.

Flexible fit: Made of soft, stretchy fabric that feels comfortable on the skin, even when playing longer matches.
Anti-slip: A palm-mounted anti-slip pad provides better bridge stability and lets you play more safely.
This gloves is for right-handed people.

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