MEZZ cues

Miki Mezz cues

It currently offers the series ACE, AXI, EC /, ZZ, MSP and CP13-SW

CUESPORTS since 2004 "Mezz dealer" for Germany with constantly overlapping selection.

MEZZ cue details at a glance

ACE - models with Wavy joint and a hybrid alpha shaft 12,8mm
AX - models with Wavy joint screw (the wood) and a WX700 shaft 12.5mm
EC7 - models with United Joint and WX700 shaft 12.5mm
PRO - Customs with about 3 models each series of Pro's with developed
Exceed - the finest idealists and collectors (Custom Area - delivery times from 8 months)

Articles that are not in stock have a delivery time of 4 weeks or are produced according to customer order and can last in the series to 12 weeks and longer. Please plan this one in terms of procurement of the models.
The Exceed models the delivery times are 8 to 12 months.