United offers Jump-Break cues, Custom Playing cues and Carbon fibre shafts

Break-Jump - B-MAX
Individual combination to facilitate the Break and jump in the billiard game.
This is the B-MAX, with its stiffened ash shaft, a powerful bolted connection to the optimally balanced handle.

Custom playing cue - SOLARIS
The connection between traditional and modern in the form of carbon shafts.
Our handles are made of the living raw material wood with fine ornamental rings made of plastic and silver.
These woods have spent their lives in light-flooded forests and were shade donors, climbing helpers or home of insects and birds. Time has left traces like wrinkles in human skin.
Mark rays are the lighter stripes which give the special rating. As a result, the nutrients have been transported to each cell of the trunk and only so could the tree grow. The measurements of the branches from fist-sized to finger-thick show that there is not something that does not exist and the color deviations show different wood density.
These rays, branches and colors are individual and unique signs of life.

Standard shafts
The Solaris are delivered with traditional solid wood maple shafts prepared on basic LD.
For all fans of the most modern technology, there is also the United Carbon shaft, Phantom Slim 12.5 or SuperSlim 11.8
Carbon shafts - Phantom
The versions of our carbon shafts are available as Slim 12.5 and SuperSlim 11.8, both offering a special EuroPro taper for optimal handling and great feeling. Our shafts have a standard length of 30 inches, are equipped with a white LD ferrule and a premium layered leather is used.