90,00EUR / Stück
incl. 19% VAT incl. shipping costs (to DE)
excl. : 67,23EUR

Zur Kalkulation der Fahrtkosten

Diesem Billardtisch können wir Ihnen fachmännisch in Ihren Räumen montieren.

Within one week **
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Billard table delivery

Moving from billiard tables to 9 feet

You book the service for the collection, transport and delivery of a billiard table.

This does not include dismantling and reconstruction of the table at the place of delivery. This can be booked as an option.

There must be 1-2 carriers at the pick-up and delivery ready to take the transport to the designated rooms.

1. You order the desired services here. Payment in advance with bank transfer or Paypal.
2. We will contact you because of the date appointment at your suburb.
3. The table is professionally transported by us and optionally dismantled and rebuilt.
4. After a successful test, we will hand you the table

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