Here you will find cues with the TOP brands in the Poolbillard
Or according to your needs:

Fun Class - High quality models for hobby and leisure
Advanced class - for the league player
Professional - select for the lifestyle sportsman
Collectors class - the finest and rare for idealists



Which one for me?

For the fun, pub and fun-player there is probably no better choice than the models of our PLAYERS cues, these offer everything a consistent and good quality cue has to bring.

The hobby and league player, who wants to improve significantly with training, then rises to the next level of the traditional or the innovative.
The first offers in the design mainly the classic lines and with the shells always the standard versions (optionally also of course others). The innovative design and design are modern and very creative with a few subtle details.
All come today with one of the new LD Shaft versions (Lucasi Flexpoint, Pechauer Pro and Pro light, Predator 314-3, Z-3 Revo, Mezz WX700, WX900, HP-2, EX-Pro, OB+1, OB+2, OB+Classic, OB+Classic Pro ...). In the area of processing and materials all move to high to high level which gives the customer a good feeling for a realtively carefree product. (Some care need all cues and also here is occasionally times).

CONCLUSIONS: You are well served on all brands here and can calmly decide your stomach. If that is not sure - call or write an e-mail and you will get guaranteed consulting!