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IGNITE Carbon shaft

The Ignite Composite Laminating Technology (ICLT) and a new responsive front-end design and the vibration-dampening core material

IGNITE 12.2mm shaft ensures a true natural feel and minifies deflection which eliminates inconsistencies when using spin.
The ICLT eradicates unwanted gaps and “dead lines” that can occur during the manufacturing process thus delivering a smooth, accurate and powerful feel with each shot.

Product Specs:
• 12.2mm with ZAN Plus Medium Tip
• ¼” white ABS ferrule
• Slim Taper
• 21.30mm

2 Regular Pin Sizes: WAVY and 5/16x14 United System

All these joint system can be modified at our workshop

• 5/16 x 18
• 5/16 x 14
• 3/8 x 10
• Radial
• Uni-loc
• 3/8 x 11

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