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Meucci Carbon Fiber Pro 12.25mm x18

The Carbon Pro shaft has a pro taper with virtually no rise at 15 inches. Each Carbon Fiber shaft features Meucci's light weight front-end construction. Unlike other Carbon shafts which have a distracting hollow sound, Meucci's Carbon Fiber Pro is not hollow at any point in the construction.
The 3/4" long ferrule, not only aids in aim contrast and depth perception, but it also provides a more familiar and stable platform for tip maintenance and replacement over the life of the shaft.

Default TipUltraskin Medium
Joint Type: 3/8x10
Shaft TaperPro Taper
The pro taper is more comon on most cues today. A pro tapered shaft starts at the ferrule and keeps the same diameter 12 to 14 inches up the shaft before starting to get larger toward the shaft joint. This keeps a consistent size of shaft when back and forth in your bridge hand.
Insert MaterialPhenolic
Joint CollarImplex

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