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Navigator AUTOMATIC SOFT Pool Cue Tip

Navigator Automatic SOFT Pool Cue Tip 

Navigator Automatic 14mm
Joining/Adhesive surface/GLUE specification:
Uses natural pig skin color
The Automatic tip has no artificial coloring/special color and the skin/leather has special manufacturing method that takes 1 month to apply it and dry in delicate environment conditioned room.
Our Navigator Automatic cue tip uses high-performance leather with fine detail through the fact that it can sustains the necessary moisture/humidity regardless of environment by our unique processing makes it high quality.
The reason why the Automatic name was adopted:
1.There is very little or no deformation regardless of hardness.
2.Adapts to any shaft and seasoned on shortest time.
3.Hardness remains stable for a longer period of time.
Natural pig Automatic skin was adopted color 
Tip is about one month to apply special effects to the leather in the non-colored 
laid down in the drying room I and forming it later. 
The leather changes to high-quality leather with fine detail through our unique processing and keeping it in a place to keep constant humidity, high quality and high performance TIP. 
The reason why the name of Automatic was adopted is as follows: 
1. There is little deformation regardless of hardness. 
2. It adapts to any shaft and adapts at the shortest speed. 
3. The hardness after familiarization lasts for a long time. 
4. Choke ride has a good sense of unity and plays a mild touch and sound. 
5. Easy maintenance is realized by less deformation
Layered Tip: 10 Layer Tip
Leather TypeJapanese Pig Skin
Tip Hardness: DURO 【SX】66 【S】71 【M】76 【H】82
Tip TypePlay Tip


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