OB Phoenix-2 12.3mm with 3/8x10

Extended OB pro taper. The Phoenix Torrified AA Grade Hard Maple cue shaft features Torrified wood construction. Torrified wood will neither swell during humid summer months nor dries out due to dry winter air.


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OB Phoenix-2 12.3mm Torrified Cue Shaft
This is accomplished by heat-treating or roasting the wood until it has nearly 0% internal moisture, reducing the shaft's weight, thereby reducing cue ball deflection. Once the wood has been dried thoroughly in the torrification process, it will not absorb moisture as its structure is altered. OB cue shafts are proudly manufactured in Texas in the USA.
Default Tip: Tiger Everest
Shaft Type: OB Phoenix
Joint Type: 3/8 x 10 Thread
Beauty Ring: Black Collar
Shaft Diameter: 12.3mm
Shaft Length: 29 Inch
Shaft Taper: Pro Taper
Wood Type: Torrified

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