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Predator P3 Rosewood Mr. 626 Pool Cue with extension and Luxe Wrap

Predator P3 Rosewood Mr. 626 Pool Cue

Product ID: P3626LW
Default TipPredator Soft
Cue TypePlay Cue
Shaft TypePredator REVO Shaft
Joint TypeUni-Loc Quick
Shaft Length29 Inch
Shaft TaperRevo 12.4mm Low Rise Taper
Cue WrapLuxe Leather Wrap
Wood TypeRosewood
For 65 years Willie Mosconi held the longstanding straight pool record of 526. Equipped with a P3 and Revo shaft in hand, pro pool player John Schmidt set a goal to beat the record. He didn’t just meet his goal; he beat that record by an additional hundred. The P3 Mr. 626 cue series is dedicated to Schmidt’s outstanding dedication to meeting his personal goals, beating a decades-long record, and inspiring all pool players to challenge themselves to go above and beyond. Featuring beautiful Rosewood, an additional 8-inch butt extension, and paired with our REVO® carbon fiber composite shaft, the P3 Mr. 626 captures the power of record-shattering performance with the natural look of humble dedication.

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