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Break Jump Tip switch - ZENTO 2.0

Services & Repairs


Cuetip replacement

  We renew the cuetip on your shaft

ZENTO Tip is ideally suited for all break and jump cues.

The ZENTO Tip offers extreme grip, for breaks and jumps.
There is the ZENTO in different colors with effect to choose from


Process Flow:
1. You order the desired services here. Payment in advance with bank transfer or Paypal.
Up to 5kg drop 7.90 shipping costs for the return to!
2. You send us your cue / shaft as a package. For larger deliveries, please label the individual items.
3. As soon as the package has arrived here you will receive an e-mail to the reception and an info about when the package will be sent back to you.
4. The finished works are then returned to their delivery address as a package with DHL Systems.

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