ZENTO 2.0 Break & Jump Tip

The latest generation in quality of Special Tips for Break & Jump shots.
This tip provides everything you need for a thoroughly attractive Break and Jump behavior.

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ZENTO 2.0 © Break Jump Tip BLUE Special

ZENTO Break & Jump Tip

The secret of the Jumps and Breaks is located in the tip.

ZENTO offers you

* The ZENTO Tip is not Phenolic Tip.
* The ZENTO Tip reduces poor contact to a minimum, the chalk holds excellent and Jumps + Breaks come up with a remarkable result!
* The ZENTO Tip offers the opportunity to spin the white ball to play. Thus, you can perform jumps even with Effet!
* The ZENTO tips can be installed with the most composite adhesives.
* The ZENTO Tip is easy to install with a basic repair kit.
However, if you have no experience with it, you should leave this to a professional.
* The radius, you can easily fit with the tip shaper.
* The ZENTO Tip is absolutely harmless for the balls.

So if you currently own a Jump Cue or Break Cue, which not the performance has as you would like, you do not need a new cue but the right tip - the ZENTO
Available sizes (diameter): 16mm, high 6mm

Available colors: Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, Clear, Black


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