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UNITED - AIRWAVE S - Jump Cueshaft 30 inch

UNITED - AIRWAVE Jump Pool Billiards shaft

Tip diameter / Diameter: 12.7mm
Tip: United NTEC
Ferrule: GI
Length: 30inch
Joint thread type: 3/8x10, Radial, Wavy
Ring diameter: black Ø 21.40mm
Weight: about 115g

The UNITED Airwave offers maximum power development with significantly less effort than conventional shafts in this category. 

The advantages of this new technique are extremely complex, uniform surface, pleasant feel, distortion-free, moisture-insensitive, no reaction to climate fluctuations, easy to care for or extremely easy to clean, very high pressure stability. When breaking, jumping or playing an excellent performance and control in the Effet with LD values. 
With the adapted Tapper, the UNITED forms a LowDeflection system with a completely new approach.

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