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UNITED - AIRWAVE 2.2 - Break Jump Cueshaft 30 inch

UNITED - AIRWAVE smooth , Break Jump Pool Billiards shaft

Tip diameter / Diameter: 12.7mm
Tip: Samsara
Ferrule: Black GE
Length: 30inch
Joint thread type: any on request
Ring diameter: black Ø 21.4mm
Weight: about 115g

The UNITED BJ stands for the combination of outstanding features in the field of playful requirements for a cue shaft according to the state of the art today. As with many other sports and the associated equipment we have developed for billiards one of the most important components, the shaft for break, jump and the game itself. The result is here the UNITED BJ made of a CFK base material with special technical details.

The advantages of this new technology are extremely multi-layered, uniform surface, pleasant to the touch, distortion-free, insensitive to moisture, no reaction to climatic fluctuations, easy to clean or extremely easy to clean, very high pressure stability. In the case of break, jump or play an excellent performance and control in the effet with best LD values.
With the adapted Tapper UNITED forms a LowDeflection system with a completely new approach.

The UNITED Break Jump offer all players the best opportunities to optimize, develop or stabilize their initiative. Easy and controlled break and jump game guaranteed!
It belongs to the TOP Low-Deflection cueshafts, has a diameter of 12.7mm at the Ferrulle, a Zento Break Jump Tip for best grip, a length of 30inch and black Jointring.

Made in Germany.

Available with the following thread type

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