UNITED - PHANTOM FAT Carbon Playing Cueshaft 30inch

UNITED - PHANTOM Playing Cue shaft 30inch

Pool billiard CFK carbon fibre technology shaft and smooth finish technic

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UNITED - PHANTOM FAT Carbon Playing Cueshaft 30inch

UNITED - PHANTOM Carbon Pool Billiards Shaft

Tip diameter / Diameter: 12.7mm
Tip: Navigator Black S
Ferrule: JUMA
Taper: FC
Length: 30 "inch
Joint thread type: SELECTION MENU
Ring: black Ø 21.4mm
Weight: about 110g

The UNITED PHANTOM offers the latest version of a carbon billiard cue shafts.
The optimized surface and playability

United itself stands for the combination of outstanding features in the field of playful requirements for a cue shaft according to the state of the art today. As with many other sports and related equipment, we have developed one of the most important components for billiards, the shaft for break, jump and the game itself.

The advantages of this new technology are extremely multi-layered, uniform surface, pleasant to the touch, distortion-free, insensitive to moisture, no reaction to climatic fluctuations, easy to clean or extremely easy to clean, very high pressure stability. In the case of break, jump or play an excellent performance and control in the effet with best LD results. The special grinding angle of the PHANTOM enables high effect and control in the LowDeflection system.

The UNITED PHANTOM offers all players a further improved possibility of optimizing, developing or stabilizing the game.
It is one of the absolute Low-Deflection shaft, has a diameter of 12.7mm at the Ferulle, a Navigator Black S layered leather, a length of 30inch and black Jointring. The shafts are not painted but sealed.

Made in Germany.

Available with the following thread type
5 / 16x14
5 / 16x18
3 / 8x10
3 / 8x11

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