VENOM Trickshots Vol.2

The release of the original Venom Trickshots DVD changed the artistic billiard community forever.

Join Florian 'Venom' Kohler once again as he embarks on an ambitious world trickshot tour that spans 9 countries, 5 weeks, and over 300 trickshots. From the casinos of Las Vegas to the mountains in China, Florian pushes innovation to defy the laws of physics at every turn.

Chalked full of raw shot making, travel, culture, and behind the scenes footage, Venom Trickshots II is a trickshot collection for the ages.

“I love watching Florian. He's the best trickshot artist I've ever seen. The guy is a freak of nature.”

- Darren Appleton World 9 & 10 Ball Champion)

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Venom Trickshot DVD 2
VENOM Trickshots Vol.2 FORMAT:

- Subtitled in English, French, German, and Chinese
- NTSC and PAL (proper format shipped automatically)
- Total Running Time: Approx. 49 mins
- Not Rated
- 16:9 Widescreen Format


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