UNITED - Power Break Jump Cue

The new UNITED - Break Jump cue combines many well-known and popular components in an optimized overall package.
See in the details what was respected here.

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UNITED Powerbreak NW black-red

UNITED - Power Break Jump Cue

As the name suggests, the UNITED is an all-rounder in terms of  break and jump for billiards.
The individual components are here from the top started, the best performer break jumping Cuetip Zento on a black ferrule.
The shaft itself, a new idea! Made of Ash wood with a long tapper for stiffness and a LD System. At the beginning, a red hardwood core was used for more energy exploitation. At the end a black trim ring. The insert is made of metal with a special plastic insert for a more compact and strong connection between the upper part and the handle.
The screw connection is one of the most common thread types, the 5 / 16x14, slightly modified with a speed joint pin.
The grip has a black ring from the 5 / 16x14 pin. Then the forearm with C-core in three color variants (gray, blue or honey) with extremely striking and beautiful wood structures. The Butt range of painted dark brown wood is bolted with a compact thread in Forearm. This can be quickly and easily unscrew for the jump. The black butt is equipped with a screw Bumper in which you can screw an extension.

For more break balance, to deliver more power with less effort, the entire cue is easily top-heavy, which also comes in the jump area to carry and brings tremendous power at the jump. The LD system of the upper part is already clearly visible in the case of impacts with lateral effect. The whole thing can be improved with the UNITED C-Shaft (from spring 2018)

Ash Core System shaft 13,5mm with Zento Tip
5 / 16x14 Steel Pin (Special Insert)
Base weight 19,5oz.
Lenght 147cm 29inch

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