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MEZZ WX700 United 30inch

     MEZZ Description 

  Typ   Modell
  Pool Shaft   WX700 UNITED
  Jointyp: 5/16x14 pin Piloted*
Tip: 12,5mm
Ferrule: NX (Nylon Fiber) - white Kamui Medium Tip
Taper: WX700
Lenght: 29"
Shaft weight: ca. 120g / 4.2oz
  Fits following brands too:
AE Cues, Action, Balabuska, Black Boar, Richard Black, Espiritu, Falcon,
Jacoby, Joss, McDaniels, Mezz, Nitti, Nova, Prather, Schön, Scruggs u.a.

The Mezz WX700 shaft is a 2013 Innovation by Mezz cue company with the ISS Technologie.


  20 Euro + on  30 inch   deliver times up to 1 - 4 Wochen

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