Players Pure X HXT-E2 Billard Queue


Players Pure X HXT-E2

Braunes Curly Maple mit Coconolo Points, Ebony und Türkis Designs. Griffband aus schwarz geprägtem Leder.

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Players Pure X HXT-E2 Billard Queue
  Typ   Modell
  Players HXT Poolbillard Queue   HXTE-2
Product ID: HXT-E2
Cue TypePlay Cue
Shaft TypePure X HXT
Joint Type5/16 x 18 Thread
Cue TipKamui Soft
Shaft Diameter12.75mm
Shaft Length29 Inch
Shaft TaperPro Taper
Joint CollarImplex
Cue WrapIrish Linen Wrap
Wood TypeMaple - Hard

  100% North American Grade A
Hard Rock Maple

Players HXT

Standard 18oz-21oz je nach Wunsch
Zusätzliche Beschreibung  

HXT; eine neue Linie an Queues von einfachem bis traditionellem Design. Die Kombination dazu mit einem Hig Tec Oberteil im Low Deflection Bereich, einem der besten Tips am Markt darauf dem Kamui Black hat schon eine Qualitätsgarantie für sich. Alles Payers’ HXT Modelle sind mit dem HX Low Deflection Technology® Oberteil ausgestattet.

100% North American Grade A Hard Rock Maple 
Players cues and shafts are made from 100% North American Grade A Hard Rock Maple. The wood for each cue is hand picked by seasoned craftsmen to ensure maximum quality and straightness.

Turned and Dried Seven Times 
Each blank is turned seven times while the wood is curing to prevent warping. We also treat the wood with Nelsonite, a patented stabilizer that protects it from atmospheric changes. We then apply a proprietary epoxy finish that seals the pores in the wood, protecting the cue even further from moisture and warping.

Exotic Hardwood Butts 
Exotic and hard woods used in Players Cues include: Cocobola, Walnut, Purple Heart, American Birds-eye and Straight Grain Maple.

A Variety of Designs 
We know what players want. Players Cues not only offers traditional and modern designs with genuine handcrafted inlays, we also make cues with high-quality graphic designs in the colors, patterns and styles your customers demand.

A Variety of Wraps 
Players cues feature wraps in: genuine double-pressed Irish linen for a smooth feel; simulated wraps for a smooth stroke; high-tech Isoprene for just the right grip; leatherette for value-prices without sacrificing style; genuine leather for a touch of class; suede for a soft feel; and our new full-length leather wrapped cues for style that’s unmatched on the market.

High-Gloss Super UV Finish + French Cue Wax and a Pro Taper
The high-gloss “super finish” on a Players cue provides an armor coating that protects from fading and chipping. We give each Players shaft a professional taper and treat it with a special French cue wax, allowing it to literally glide through your fingers for a much better, smoother stroke.

Special High-Impact Ferrule 
The high-impact ferrule on a Players cue is so durable that it carries a lifetime guarantee against chipping or cracking.

Mz Multi-Zone Grip Technology - Sport models feature this super comfortable grip that won’t slip in your hands like others, giving you intense traction and stability to keep even your most powerful break smooth and the ball right where you want it

    • Zone 1: Super traction to help prevent inconsistent hand torque
    • Zone 2: Smooth contour combined with light traction for a lighter feel
    • Zone 3: Uniform sweat channels for increased comfort and stability
    • Acid Burn Joint and Butt Cap - Sport models feature an acid burned joint and butt cap colored to match the wrap detailing.
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