Predator AIR 2 With Wrap Jump Cue

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Predator AIR 2 With Wrap Jump Cue

Predator AIR 2 Jump Cue with tacky feel grip. Safe just is not safe anymore!. Only Predator could take the most accurate jump cue in the market and make it even better. The new technology in the Air2 makes jumping effortless for any level of play. Increased elevation and more accuracy than ever before, this cue is sure to have players jumping for joy after pocketing those once impossible shots.

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Predator AIR 2 With Wrap Jump Cue
  • TipPhenolic
  • Joint TypeRadial
  • Shaft Diameter12.75mm
  • Shaft Länge29 Inch
  • Shaft TaperPro Taper
  • Sport Grip
  • Uni-Loc Butt Extension
  • Lenght 2-parts: 101,6 cm
  • Lenght: 3-parts: 120 cm

Weight: 18 uz.(ca. 510g)

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