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Cuetec Cynergy Breach Break Cue Ghost Edition
Default TipToam 2.0
Cue TypeBreak Cue
Shaft TypeCuetec Cynergy
Joint Type3/8 x 14 Thread
Shaft Diameter12.75mm
Shaft Length29 Inch
Shaft TaperPro Taper
Joint CollarStainless
Cue WrapNo Wrap
Wood TypeMaple - Hard

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Quan D. commented 06/17/2022

Thomas handled this purchase properly, took a bit of time but everything worked oit well. I tried this break cue in my club, and man was it effortless to spread the balls. With 9 ball, I can now break softer and control the cue ball because the spread is not a concern, 10 ball i can start getting the 1 ball away from bottom rail because I get more power into the rack now, 8 ball hardly any cluster after the break. It's a superb investment !

Quan D. commented 06/15/2022

I bought this cue because SvB won the world championship this year, it took me a month of waiting due to stock shortage but everything was handled properly. I have complete trust in Thomas now. Thank you !

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