IQ Infinity CUE shaft Radial

The Infinity of IQ is an excellent LD cue shaft. We offer you here the core version with 12.5mm which is equipped with a Navigator Blue Impact Soft Tip.

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287,56EUR / Stück
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Infinity Shaft of IQ

The Infinity shaft come from Kalogeras in Greece.
The Shafts offer a very comfortable feel and ball control
A crisp hit with an LD area of an HP2 / Z-3.
The feeling and the effect are pleasant by the way.

Shaft Type: IQ Infinity
Joint Type: Radial or choose at menu
Beauty RingBlack Collar
Cue TipNavigator Blue Impact Soft
Shaft Diameter12.5mm
Shaft Length29 Inch
Shaft TaperPro Taper
He says: Shaft making is an area where we constantly try to keep innovation high. We offer any kind of build, tapper and joint for your cue shaft. Our current innovative shafts are the “iQ Infinity”.
Our goal is that you always feel confident during your game and at the same time you can be both accurate and precise by shooting the ball the same way each time and each time making it with sufficient enough power.
No matter what is your game 8-ball, 9-ball, 10-ball, we can fix your grip and your confidence!

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