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Cuesports Custom Special
499,00EUR / Stück
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Option on other shaft lenght are 29 Basic, 29.5, 30, 30.5 or 31inch what depends on producers

You can order your cue with another leather tip

On order from 7 days **


STELLAR carbon shaft by IQ

The IQ STELLAR shafts come from Dimitrios in Greece, where they are also made.
The longer development with a few clear differences to other manufacturers shows again an extremely good product from IQ.
These new carbon shafts offer an extremely pleasant feel and show very good ball control, combined with the typical crisp hit of the IQ shafts.

Shaft Type: IQ Carbon
Joint Type
Beauty RingBlack Collar
Cue TipZAN
Shaft Diameter12.6mm
Shaft Length29,5 Inch or see menu 
Shaft TaperPro IQ Taper

As a long-term partner, we are very happy to represent IQ with this product exclusively in Germany.
If you have any questions about the products, just contact us by email, we will be happy to advise you!

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