Mezz EX Pro shaft

Model Weight Joint-Typ Tip & ø  Shaft  Defelection
EX Pro ca 115g 5/16x14 D-Silberring United ZAN Pro Soft 12.5mm  HCC  1.1

The Mezz EX Pro shaft with technology from 2015

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  Typ   Modell
  Pool Shaft   EX PRO  UNITED

Joint-typ: UNITED 5/16x14 Piloted pin*
Tip Diameter: 12,5mm

Ferrule: X (Nylon Fiber) -  white with ZAN Pro Soft Tip
Taper: EX-PRO
Lenght: 29"
Shaft weights: ca. 115g / 4.2oz
Shaft wood: Canadian Rock Maples

  Fits too:
AE Cues, Action, Balabuska, Black Boar, Richard Black, Espiritu, Falcon,
Jacoby, Joss, McDaniels, Mezz, Nitti, Nova, Prather, Schön, Scruggs...

The EX Pro shaft features the next generation Hybrid carbon core (HCC) and the EX front-end technology. The HCC strikes the right balance between hardness and flexibility creating more power without any loss of cue ball control. Reduced cue ball deflection along with additional power increase is provided by the enhanced EX front-end technology. These technological advancements together with the EX Pro Taper and the Zan Plus Soft Tip makes the Mezz EX Pro the best low deflection shaft in the world.


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