Cuesports Custom Special -8%
Cuesports Custom Special
165,00EUR / Stück
Special  179,00EUR (you save 14,00EUR)

incl. 19% VAT plus shipping costs (to DE)

You can order your cue with another leather tip

Here can you change the Original shaft to another model if you like.

Only one available, more on inquiry **

Fury Stinger X-6, Poolcue

Fury's 2019 Stinger Cue Series offers a mix of modern and classic designs at a great value.
The cues are made of handpicked North American maple wood and very well made.

Visually, Fury's attention to detail is expressed in the unusual shape and color of the classic ornament design.

For ball control provide a high-quality 12.7 mm shaft on which a multi-layer adhesive leather was installed,
a quick release system ensures a good and fast connection between handle and shaft part,
The original Irish Linen grip provides a secure feeling and a special finish provides lasting protection of the cue.


North American maple wood
Tissue ferrule
12.7 mm multilayer adhesive leather


quick release
Joint made of stainless steel
Silver plated trim rings
Irish Linen Grip
Weight: 19-19.5OZ. (Ca.550g)

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