Carbon fibre cue shafts

The new generation of play, break and jump shafts for the Poolbillard Sport

Consisting to a large extent of the basic material made of carbon and various processes and techniques under construction.

Current models for the break and play area

United FAT: length 29-31 inch, ferrule diameter 12.7mm, weight 110-115g, thread types all

United AIRWAVE: Break and Jump Length 30 inches, Diameter Ferrule 12.7mm, Weight 120g, Thread Types All

Predator Revo: length 29inch, diameter ferrule 12.4mm or 12.9mm, weight 110g, thread types Uniloc and Radial

Cuetec: CT-15K: Length 29inch, Diameter Ferrule 12.5mm, Thread Types All (Appears 12-2018)

Mezz: Ignite: Length 29inch, Diameter Ferrule 12.2mm, Thread Types Mezz 5 / 16x14 and Wavy (Will Be Spring 2019)