Mezz Shafts

Mezz Shafts

Mezz Shafts at Cuesports

Miki Mezz- Poolbilliard cue shafts from Japan

CUESPORTS is a European Pro dealer from Miki Mezz cues and shafts


We always stock al ot of shafts and cue models

MEZZ cue shaft models

United Standard - 13mm,  
WX700 - 12,5mm,
WX900 - 12,0mm,
Hybrid Pro 2 - 12,5mm,
Hybrid Alpha - 12,8mm,
DI Break - 13mm,
DI PRO Break - 13mm, 
DI PRO H Break - 13mm, Härtegrad:


This shafts are available with the Joint Systems from Mezz:
Standard 5/16x14, United 5/16x14, Wavy
All other systems on inquiry for production line


Club discounts on inquiry to