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Cuetec Cynergy Carbon Oberteil CT-15K 11.8, UniLoc

Product Specs:
• 11.8mm Everest Sniper tip (Medium)
• ¼” white ABS ferrule
• 15 ½” SST (Super Slim Taper)
• 15K carbon fiber tow
• 21.30mm


The shaft comes with a 21.30mm or 20mm joint (the old Cuetec size) equipped with different sized screws. Other pin sizes are being considered.
Super Slim Taper
Cuetec challenged super slim shaft limitations from day one.
A slim shaft ultimately is smoother, more comfortable, more accurate, and creates more spin. There is no rising and no resistance for those players with long strokes.
White Ferrule for Improved Aiming
At the recommendation of Shane Van Boening a white ferrule was added which helps improve aim and eases leather tip replacement.
The ferrule weighs 1.6 g and won’t affect deflection.
Easy Maintenance
Cuetec carbon composite shaft is designed to stay clean, smooth, ding and dirt resistant. Should it become tacky, simply clean the shaft with an alcohol wipe. There is never a need to use sand paper or abrasives.

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